I P Mission School History

In the year, 1841 The Presbyterian Society of Ireland had sent Rev. Alexander and Rev. James Glasgow along with their families to Rajkot i.e. the main city of Kathiyawad for providing the pious and valuable service of gospel. Both the missionaries had opened a mission center at Rajkot and started preaching the word of Lord and gospel in the Rajkot, Junagadh, Porbandar and Ghogha areas. But, uptill 1851, there was no missionary center opened in Ahmedabad which was, at that time, considered to be the most thickly populated and leading cities for doing business and to be one of the top and richest cities falling in the northern part of Bombay and the reason behind this was that three of the pastors of a society propagating gospel in foreign areas named Society for Propagating Gospel (S.P.G.) were doing the work of propagating gospel in this city for some reason, in the year, 1851, this society had stopped its work and left the city of Ahmedabad. In those days, a popular newspaper named Guardian was being published in the city of Bombay. By publication of an anonymous religious letter in the said daily paper, it came to be declared that the protestant society which shall undertake the responsibility of completing the task left over in Ahmedabad, shall be paid a financial aid of Rs.2,000/- from me. This letter came under the reading of Rev. James Muckey and he informed about the details narrated in the said letter to his senior colleague missionary Rev. James Glasgow. Both the said missionaries sent the said letter along with a recommendation to Dr. Morgan at Ireland. After accepting the recommendations made in the said letter in its general meeting, the mother society had instructed its executive committee to commence the work in Ahmedabad as early as possible.

In the year, 1855, Rev. Dunlop Moor had been sent for opening a mission center in Ahmedabad. During this time, two missionaries had proceeded on leave and out of those two one had tendered resignation. Moreover, even Rev. Dunlop Moor was struck by sudden sickness and had proceeded on leave and therefore, the work which was decided to be commenced in the year, 1861, could not be started. After completion of his sick leave, Rev. Dunlop Moor came back to Ahmedabad in 1863. He kept a house on rent in the Hathibhai Ni Vadi outside Delhi Darwaza and a prayer meeting was organized there on 01/12/1863 wherein, 12 Christian persons had remained present. That very blessed day is the day of foundation of Ahmedabad Christian Society. Moreover, a primary school also came to be started in the said rented house. By triggering the commencement of one Gujarat School, the bedrock of I.P. Mission School was laid. This chapter was named as "Ishwar Ni Angadi (The Finger of Lord)".

Establishment of I.P. Mission School:

Certain respectable citizens of the city tendered an application to Rev. Moor requesting therein to start an English Medium School. In order to inspire this procedure and service, under the leadership of the wife of the then Collector and with the help of lady missionaries, a fund of Rs.1100/- was collected. Thus, as Rev. Dunlop Moor got financial assistance, another house was taken on rent at the place where, at present, the Mission High School Compound is situated and the inauguration of English School was done therein on the auspicious day of 01/06/1866. On the very first day, about one hundred (100) children had taken admission in the said school. The purpose for which the servant of God i.e. Rev. Dunlop Moor had been sent to Ahmedabad had emerged out and was fulfilled. The inauguration of society and high school was got done with his hands and the responsibility of I.P. Mission High School came on his shoulders being its first Superintendent. The work of society and school was being done and managed in a very good manner. During such time, Rev. Moor again fell ill and in the end of 1968, he was required to return to his motherland forever. The excellent work which he had started in such a short period can never be forgotten.

As a successor of Rev. Dunlop, in the year 1968, a similarly proficient, persevering, intellectual and hardworking person named Rev. William Mc Mordy came to be appointed on his place. As the Superintendent of Mission High School, it was his duty and responsibility on behalf of the high school to purchase the land and get the structure of high school constructed over it. Rev. J.V.S. Tailor gave his wonderful support and cooperation for this purpose. The very place wherein, the school was being run in a rented house, came to be purchased and the pedestal of the mission high school building and the bungalow was planted. The work of construction of structure was in speedy progress. On account of burden of dual responsibility, Rev. Mc Mordy fell ill and he was required to return back to his nation. Upto the year, 1899 till the time when Rev. Mc Mordy rendered his services, the mission bungalow came to be prepared in the year, 1875 and as the construction of the building of high school was accomplished on 01/06/1875, it came to be inaugurated. Mr. F.L. Mc Caffy was appointed as the High School Superintendent in the year, 1878 and on 01/06/1875, the work of high school was started in the newly constructed building. Rev. G.P. Tailor was appointed as the principal from 1889 to 1892 and since then, the high school has developed and flourished day by day. As there was an increase in the number of pupils, for the purpose of starting two classrooms near the compound wall of the high school on the eastern side and also with a purpose of allotting a special class room for the teachers, a one storied building was constructed there.

As there was gradual increase in the number of students, classrooms were started and education was imparted even in the old missionary quarters and the missionary bungalow. In between the Missionary bungalow and the High School, a new and modernized building was constructed in the year, 1962 by manager and elderly person Mr. C.K. Borsada which ran from north towards south. Upto the year, 1952 the school was being conducted in English medium and thereafter, it also came to be managed and run in Gujarati medium and along with it, the mixed school (boys-girls) was also started. This led to a massive increase in the number of students. (Considering the present situation, the sister institution of our high school, came to be started in the shape of English medium school in the year, 1994 wherein, the classes of standards 1 to 12 are being conducted.)

The name of Mission High School is also popular and well known in the realm of sports and cultural activities. It has obtained high dignity and fame in the games of Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, etc. and has also earned gold medals. I.P. Mission High School continued to be a champion in football at Ahmedabad district level from the year, 1945 to 1955. The activities like scouts, girl guide and N.C.C. were famous during the former years and special attention is being given to discipline, education, culture, manners and etiquettes.

During the period from 1866 to 1957, three Irish Superintendent Principals, twelve managers and seven Managing Committee Chairmans have taken care and looked after the successful administration of the Mission High School after procuring higher level education from the renowned British University. During the period of five years from 1920 to 1925, for some reason, the there were only two staff members in the school due to which the school remained in a dormant condition and it came to be reopened in the year, 1925 and its first Headmaster was Mr. C.D. Daaru. From amongst the principals of the school who have rendered their services for it, during the year, 1926-27 Mr. O.N. Brown had been appointed, who served the school as a principal for 28 years (1927-1955) and as a manager for two years and thus, for a period of total 30 years, he had taken over the leadership of the school and thereby, he has given a mammoth share in the development of the school. (From the year 1932-33 to 40 - 43 Mr. K.V. Dholakia and from 1946 to 1948 Rev. Mr. C.K. Young has performed their duties as principals of the school). This principal who was polite, loving, imbued with spirit of serving and proficient in his work had provided necessary help and care to the students who were poor and belonged to the downtrodden strata. He had imported a tricycle for a handicapped student from England and his behaviour and attitude with the High School staff was quite decent and adorable.

After having provided a triumphant service of 30 years Mr. O.N. Brown had retired and after him the first of all Gujarati headmaster Mr. Ichhashankar F. Vaishnav came to be appointed from 1953-54 to 1962. Mr. Y.L. Christie came to be appointed from 1962 to 1964, 1967 and after his departure, Mr. A.C. Dharmaraj succeeded to the throne of principal. After he was transferred to the Surat High School, Mr. Earnest O. Christian handled the charge of Principal of the I.P. Mission High School from 1967 to 1987 and he has played an important role in the development of school during his tenure. He retired on 31/10/1987 and in his place, the former student of the school and an ideal teacher Mr. Kantilal M. Christie became the principal. Mr. Christie retired on 10/01/2002 and after his retirement, Mr. J.D. Kalasava who was also the former student of I.P. Mission and a scholar student, was appointed as the principal on 03/05/2002. We heartily adore and admire the services rendered and efforts made by the Superintendents, Principals, Managers, Supervisors, Teachers etc. who have served and performed their duties for and on behalf of I.P. Mission School till date. We also specially admire the special efforts and dedicated work done by Mr. Michael M. Parmar, Mr. Albert K. Christian, Mr. Edison Samuel, Mr. Ibrahim Ranchhod, Mr. John Lawrence, Mrs. Santosh Ibrahim, Mrs. Abigael D. Christian, etc. for the school.

I.P. Mission High School Managers :

Khrist Seva Sadan Hostel:

There was a time when there were so less high schools in Gujarat that they can be counted on finger tips. For all the Christian students of Gujarat an arrangement of I.P. Mission hostel was made in certain classrooms of Divinity College situated in Rasala on the other side of the river. Their admission was facilitated in advance in the high school. Facility of scholarship was also being given to the bright and intelligent students. The student who ranked first in Metric class, was being given the scholarship of Wilson College situated in Mumbai. Examination for scholarship was also being held in the entire state of Gujarat and the students who procured the first three ranks were provided with the facility of entire expenditure from standard VIII to XII along with lodging and boarding and entire study material. They were also being provided the transportation fare for visiting their homes thrice in a year. To name a few students who have completed their studies as scholar students of the I.P. Mission school are Mr. J.D. Kalasava (principal I.P. MIssion High School, Ahmedabad, Mr. Nicholas Premjibhai Kalasava, Mr. Prakash Chunilal Garasiya (Teacher), Mr. Luleman K. Singada (Teacher), Mr. Khumansingh Singada (R.F.O.), Ullhas Matthews (Teacher). Complete attention and importance was given to the physical education and theoretical education in the hostel. A hostel came into exist as a name of Khrist Seva Sadan in the year, 1954 with a motive to provide more and good facilities. Rev. Khodabhai, Rev. Henry Williambhai, Rev. Suleman Govindbhai, Mr. Garshom Naranbhai, Mr. Jethalal Bhikhaji, Mr. Kantilal M. Christie and thereafter, Mr. Martin S. Christie have taken good care for the management and administration of the hostel. The students who had stayed in the hostel and studied in the high school have provided best of their services within and even outside the society and the credit thereof can be given to none other than but, the I.P. Mission High School.

I.P. Mission High School Principals :

I.P. Mission's Role In Development of Society:

Along with the establishment of Mission High School, the Christian Society of Ahmedabad had also continued to gain smartness. Initially, the prayer gathering meetings were being convened in the Mission High School building on Sundays. The activities related to Christian religion were carried out. Church was built in the year, 1900 and till that time, the I.P. Mission High School provided the facility of a place for prayer gathering. The Christian teacher of High Schools used to take up the Sunday School classes. It is significant to note that for many years, Mr. Albert K. Christian has provided his valued services as a teacher and also as a superintendent of Sunday School. In the week of gospel preaching, the school teachers were parted in teams and testimony of gospel and preaching of Christianity was being done in different parts of the city. Even as on today, the I.P. Mission High School is providing assistance and cooperation in holding the cultural programmes of Society, examinations of Sunday School, Passion Week meetings and other religious gatherings. It cannot go unnoticed that the I.P. Mission High School has played a very important and pivotal role in the development of Gujarat and the Christian Societies in Ahmedabad.

Thousands of Christian and non-Christian students have studied in this 150 years old educational high school and it has also provided top-levelled citizens all over the state of Gujarat. The biggest share contributed by the I.P. Mission High School in the development of Gujarat in the form of its high level responsible officers and persons who perform their duties in the best possible manner and with utmost punctuality in all the different phases and sectors of society, cannot be overlooked or forgotten at all.

There are many changes which have been effected since the time of High School's establishment uptill date. Initially, the missionary pastors who were under the direct control of the Missionary Council used to manage the High School. Thereafter, it was being looked after the by the Gujarat Church Council General Board and since the year, 1970, the I.P. Mission High School is being governed and managed by the Chairman of the Managing Committee of the Gujarat Christian Service Society.

In the Managing Committee Mr. P.C. Patric (1967), Rev. J.G. Chrispal (1967 to 1974), Mr. Shaul M. Christie (1974 to 1981), Professor George Kantharia (1982 to 1994), Mr. Martin S. Christie (1994 to 2010), Mr. Mahendra K. Katara (2011 to 2014) Mr. K.M. Christie (2015 till date) have rendered their services as the Chairman of Managing Committee.

Since One Hundred and Fifty years the Mission High School has uniformly developed and the main reason behind this is that the I.P. Mission High School has always been blessed with Superintendents, Principals, Headmasters, Supervisors and Teachers who are well educated, honest, trustworthy and diligent. We thank the Almighty for all this and we pray to Him that the I.P. Mission High School may keep on constantly developing even in the future.

It is a matter of great pride and pleasure for us to give here a glimpse of the life stories of some of the former Leaders, Administrators, Managers and Bright Students of the I.P. Mission High School.

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150 Glorious Years

pix I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School completed it's 150 glorious years in 2016.We are grateful to all known and unknown person who join us in 150 year's celebration and help us to make it possible.We are also grateful to G.C.S.S , I.P.Mission Trust , staff members , students and parents and all well wishers who join us.

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