Clubs & Councils

Sports Club

The I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School is equally concentrate on the education as well as sports for over all physical,mentally and socially development of the students. The principal of the school Mr.J.D.Kalasava is belong to the field of sports so they guide the students and encourage them to take part in sports activity. The Sports faculty Mr.Dineshbhai Gameti and Mr.Samir Parmar work hard for the students and teach them how to play with rules and regulation. Every year they encourage and prepare the students for State and National level competition. Because of their effort and hard work,now the I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School get the first rank in the field of sports in Ahmedabad.


The I.P. Mission Higher Secondary School, Ahmedabad not only educate the students but also encourage the students to change their attitude towards the Nature and Environment. So under the leadership of Mr.S.P.Patel, the Eco-Club was formed at I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School, Ahmedabad in the year of 1995. The journey began with a few members who got together in their efforts to save the environment. Today,the students of the school willingly join the Eco-Club. Over the year these students have participated in several activities in and out side school. School took part in three days workshops which was organized by the Government Of Gujarat at Indroda Park, Gandhinagar. There they learn how to save our Environment and they also learn to respect the Nature. Every year before the monsoon the Eco-Club celebrate the Tree plantation Day.

Maths- Club

The I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School also runs the Mathematics club. Mr.S.A.Christian is in-charge of the club.The main intention of the club is to encourage the students for Maths. It organise different different activity during the year. Sometimes they make Mathematical models based on syllabus.Five teachers co-operate in various activities. Our Maths club takes part in Maths- Science exhibition and model making competition.

Science Club

We live in the age of science. Science has brought about a lot of changes in the life of man. It is due to science that man is living a comfortable and secured life. Most of the things we use in our life are the result of the inventions of science.And I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School also wants to encourage the students for science.

Our school runs a science club. Mr. V.D.Christi is in-charge of the science club.It organise many activities during the year.Five teachers are associated with science club and each of them takes part in Maths- Science exhibition.Every year science club conducts many experiment based on syllabus.

Student Police Cadet,(S. P. C.)

Community Policing Project has been prepared under the Five Year Plan [2012-2017] in the State of Gujarat. In this regard, the Department of Home Affairs constituted the “Suraksha Setu Society”. Student Police Cadet Scheme is one of the various activities under the “Suraksha Setu “.

Under the Student Police Cadet Scheme, One school is selected in every police station area of Ahmedabad district. In the area of Karanj Police Station, Our I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School (Year 2014-2015) has been selected. This scheme has been implemented in the joint venture of the Department of Home Affairs and Education and along with the Department of Road and Transportation, Forest and Environment, Prohibition and Excise, Information Department, Energy Department and Disaster Management System.

In the student Police cadet, 44 students of standard- 8 are selected for the training of two years at the commencement of the academic session of every year. Students of Std-8th are called Junior Cadets and Students of Std – 9th are called senior Cadets.

The purpose of S.P.C. is to "learn to serve." "We learn to serve" .

In charge Teachers For SPC :-

  • Junior Cadet - Standard-8 - Mr. Rixanrajan G. Desai
  • Senior Cadet - Standard-9 - Mr. Manishkumar G. Mecwan

150 Glorious Years

pix I.P.Mission Higher Secondary School completed it's 150 glorious years in 2016.We are grateful to all known and unknown person who join us in 150 year's celebration and help us to make it possible.We are also grateful to G.C.S.S , I.P.Mission Trust , staff members , students and parents and all well wishers who join us.

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